Our Vision is to Promote the teachings of Christian Faith and spread the Word of the Gospel.  We aspire to develop and empower this body of believers by providing wisdom and practical knowledge for the spirit and the physical.


GMMI is a Non-Denominational Church.  We work to spread Education on Jesus Christ, Financial Stability, and Higher Learning.  We promote unity amongst family and community.


GMMI offers many services to our community.  Our Social Ministries such as Woman Survival, Men Revival, and 4 Young Single Moms offer a place for people to be encouraged and gain tools to deal with adversity effectively.  Our Young Business Professionals, Young Doctors, and Young Attorneys provide children with hands on knowledge and experience.

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Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc. formally, Gospel Mission Pentecostal Church, was established in 1967 and incorporated in the year of 1973 by the late Bishop Rosa Mae Curtis.

Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc.(G.M.M.I) is a community-based, organization whose focus is to tend to the needs of the people by offering them a place to worship and an environment for growth, encouragement, and learning. 


the love and unity at this church is awesome!!!!!!

Come and you too will feel the presence of the Almighty. Peace abounds and you feel the Glory of God. Praise him. The people there is very gracious as soon as you walk in the door. I felt welcomed and loved

I join the church yesterday evening it was worth it thank God i have a place that i can call home to the people in there very nice and don't look at you funny i recommend this place if you really want to get your spirit fed.


Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc.  formally know as Gospel Mission Pentecostal Church was founded by our late Bishop Rosa Mae Curtis in 1967.  We are now lead by her youngest son, Bishop Richard W. Curtis. Our Mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, Provide Education and Hope, and Change our Community for the better.


335 Beekman Ave, 2nd Floor

Bronx, NY 10454

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