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Mission Statement

Our Mission at Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc. is to:
a) Associate ourselves for the purposes of founding and continuing one or more churches of Divine Worship and Religious Observances according to the Christian Faith;
b) Spread the Word of the Gospel through seminars, television, radio, and other forms of mass media for the purpose of educating the individual in the Word of God;
c) Establish and maintain for its members and friends a place of worship;
d) Ordain our ministers, set up Bible Colleges and institutions for the training of its clergy and lay people, and grant such titles as the Church may find necessary according to its constitution and by-laws;
e) Acquire cemeteries, homes for the elderly and orphans, and a publishing house for its literature;
f) Promote the teaching of the Christian Faith and the development of the Christian character; and
g) Procure, by all lawful means of support of the Church, vacant land and buildings, alter, develop, build or repair the same for the use of the church and dispose of the same when no longer needed. To hold and operate such or otherwise dispose of such property that may be acquired or held by this church, all being done under the provisions of the Religious Corporation Law of the State of New York.

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